Help Us Andrew Chen!

Nearbox Team

Hi Andrew,

If you read this then you must have received our snapchat photo – you know what they say: humor heals all (in this case it’s flu)

We’re a young startup from Poland building a hyperlocal communication app Nearbox that lets people communicate through places. You choose a place, send there a message and get a response from other people who subscribe this place. It’s like Twitter but instead of people you follow the places.

We remember your post on retention vs. frequency (22/10/2012) in mobile apps and the chart with 4 quadrants. Communication apps tend to be the most retentive and frequency (however, it’s pretty crowded market) but things get complicated in hyperlocal apps. As Dan Street pointed out at Quora the problem is that 1) local isn’t attention grabbing for broad audience thus 2) it’s not viral and building a critical mass for the network is much harder: you don’t build a community around a global topic (e.g. “photography”) but around the particular place (e.g. street, apartment complex) you’re connected to. Moreover, the critical mass need to emerge in this place very quickly and almost simultaneously.

We’re sure there’s a huge potential in this area and we think we came up with a few solutions that might get us closer to the “Holy Grail of viral hyperlocality”. We recently got seed investment and this week we’re going to Silicon Valley for 2 weeks (22.02 – 08.03) to get feedback on our idea and product (well, we don’t want to „fail like it’s 1999” ;-)

We were wondering if you have time for a short meeting in SV to discuss about growth hacking in terms of hyperlocal? We’d like to know your thoughts and opinion about that. If you have any contact us at:

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